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Choosing the colour scheme for your wedding

How do you choose the colour theme/scheme for your wedding day?

When we see our bridal couples they either know straight away what colour they are having for their wedding and probably have done since getting engaged or they have absolutely no idea, and really can’t decide. If you end up in the ‘no chuffing idea at all’ category why not make it simple for yourselves and go for RAINBOW coloured bridesmaids, now I don’t mean bridesmaids in dresses with big pictures of rainbows all over them, or dressed as the 1980’s Rainbow characters Zippy & Bungle but something more like, bridesmaids in each different colour & maybe best man, ushers etc with different coloured ties? Some couples go with favourite footie team colours, and why not, most football teams tend to have their home kits in colours that go well together. Another way to decide on colour is to simply sit down together and make a Yes, No & Maybe list and then wittle it down as best you can, trying your best not to throw the remote control at husband-to-be when he comes out with colours that don’t even exist! Remember men and woman see colours in completely different ways! Others follow the trend and go with the most popular colour at the time of organising their wedding.

Back when your parents got married there probably wasn’t much choice of colour schemes for weddings, it was either Peach coloured bridesmaids or NO bridesmaids – so get creative – be daring and different, set the trend & have people talking about your wedding for years to come.

As printers of invitations and wedding related stationery we know that everybody has completely different ideas of what certain colours look like, so it’s a good idea for you both to carry around a swatch of fabric/ribbon/nail varnish! or whatever you can get your hands on that’s a good enough match to your colour/s and take it along with you when you are organising your stationery, table décor, flowers, cake, suits/dresses etc etc. I know as stationers, as long as we get a CMYK match as close as possible we can be sure you will be more than happy with the end result of the colours on your wedding stationery.

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